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 Insect Preventing system 

 Insect preventing film, sheet and system
The Insect Preventing Film and Sheet shut out a certain wavelength range of light that is discernible?for insects but passes the light of? wavelengths visible for human being.?It means that all the area becomes pitch dark for insects at night,?preventing them from being lured to the lights, without causing any trouble for workers.

It has also the effect preventing the scattering of broken window glass and preventing the degradation by? UV light and ?the effect of saving energy.

It has been used commercially in world wide and it is strongly recommended for the factories which insect would make serious problem in company image such as food factories, medicine manufacturers, paper mill, sea food processing facilities, etc.
It is applied many famous companies like Asahi Beer, Itoh?Hum, Aji-no-moto, Lotte Food, Knorr, Yakult, Seven Eleven, McDonald, Mini Stop, Kinkoman (Soy sauce), etc.

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