Products List
  Polyester Film(PET/FR PET)
  Polycarbonate Film/Sheet(PC/ FR PC)
  Polyimide Film & Tape(PI)
  Polyethylene Naphthalate Film(PEN)
  Polyetherimide Film(PEI)
  Polyvinyl Chloride Film(FR PVC)
  Miscellaneous Products

Graphic Art & Printing
  Polyester Film(PET)
  Polycarbonate Film/Sheet(PC)
  Hardcoated PET & PC
  PET film for Offset printing
  UV inks
  Dust Cleaning M/C,Anti-Static M/C

Digital & Computer Graphics
  Photo Paper
  Premium Transparancy Film
  Premium White Film
  Drafting Film (Laser/ Inkjet)

Laminating Film
  Laminating Film

Specialty Film
  Transparent Conductive Film
    (ITO Sputtered)

  Thermoplastic Polyu rethane Film(TPU)
  Holographic Film(PET & OPP base)
  Acetate Cellulose(Di & Tri)
  Anti Reflection Film
  Insect preventing film, sheet and system


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Plastic Films Company Ltd. is one of the certified distributors/converters in Korea in most of its products and markets, including insulation, graphic art, digital imaging, etc.
It also has ability of sourcing most type of plastic films and sheets that will meet our customers specification's.

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