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This flame retardant polyvinyl Chloride film (FR PVC) has excellent flame resistance and UL Standards 94-VTM-0 rated.
This special film, can be cut, bent, punched, and coated or laminated as easily as ordinary PVC films and this heat-resistant grade widely used for many applications such as TV set, VCR, Stereo Music system and electronic calculators.
Thickness : 0.2mm to 0.8mm, up to 2.0mm sheet type available.

It is also supplied laminated film with a conductive foil, such as copper or aluminium, steel foil for electrical shielding.

 Miscellaneous Products
Insulation Tube (PET base, shrinkable, non-shrinkable)
Insulation Paper (PET/Paper)
DMD (Dacron/Mylar/Dacron)
Epoxy resin pre-preg DMD
NMN or NTN (Nomex/Mylar/Nomex)

 Hardcoated PET
This films provide a highly abrasion-resistant hardcoated surface for LCDs, OLEDs and other advanced displays, CD/DVDs and many other demanding applications. for maximum surface protection and maximum optical clarity.

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