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This is an all-purpose polyimide film that has been used successfully in applications at temperatures as low as -269C (-452F) and as high as 400C (752F). This polyimide film can be laminated, diecut, slit, formed or adhesive-coated. It is available from 7.5mic. to 150mic.

Although we continuously explore new application possibilities for these films, many uses for Polyimide film are well established.
In the electrical and electronics industries, for example, field coil insulation, substrates for flexible printed circuits, motor and generator armature slot liners, magnet wire insulation, transformer and capacitor insulation, magnetic recording and pressure-sensitive tapes and tubing, wire and cable insulation, speaker voice coils, automotive switches and bar code labels for printed circuit boards.

 Polymide Tape
Using this polyimide film, we are supplying insulation tape coated with silicon and acrylic adhesive for electrical insulation and electronic industry. According to the customers' requirement, Fluoro coated release liner, PET based, is also available for easy handling and fabrication.

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