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 Lexan (Polished, Textured, High Performance, Flame Retardant, etc.)
 Pokalon (Cast Polycarbonate Films, Thin gauge, glossy and matt finish, FR etc.)

 Lexan Polycarbonate films
Lexan polycarbonate graphic extruded films are specially designed to meet the diverse performance requirements of screen printer and end-users alike.The film's exceptional clarity and strength enhance the use of color in protected, second-surface printing with no loss of depth or vividness. The film is a durable, easy substrate to print on, offering excellent in adhesion without pretreatment.

Polished Film, Up to 92% light transmission.
8010   Polished/Polished (UV-Stabilized) (0.005" - 0.030")

Textured Film, Anti-reflection make them ideal for illuminated instruction and warning lights.
8A13 Matte/Polished (0.005" - 0.030")
8A13F Fine Matte/Polished (0.005" - 0.025")
8A35 Velvet/Polished (0.005" - 0.020")
8B35 Velvet/Matte (0.005" - 0.020")
8B53F Velvet/Fine Matte (0.010" - 0.030")
8B36 Suede/Matte (0.010" - 0.020")
8A73 Matte/Polished (Light Diffusing) (0.010" - 0.020")

High Performance Film, Offering exceptional resistance to chemicals and abrasives.
HP92S, H or W Polished/Polished (0.007" - 0.030")
HP40S or H Fine Matte/Polished (0.007" - 0.030")
HP12s, H or W Matte/Polished (0.007" - 0.030")
HP92WP Polished/Polished (0.007" - 0.030")
HP60S or H Ultra Fine Matte/Polished (0.007" - 0.030")

Flame Retardant Film
Lexan FR films feature outstanding flame retardant properties, to meet stringent graphic application and electrical insulation requirements. FR films offer screen printers the same printability and ink adhesion as other Lexan films as well as superior flame retardance, excellent dielectric strength, low moisture absorption and high dimensional stability for electrical insulation and shielding applications.
FR60 Polished/Polished (0.010" - 0.030")
FR63 Matte/Polished (0.010" - 0.025")
FR65 Velvet/Matte (0.010" - 0.020")
FR66 Suede/Matte (0.010" - 0.020")
FR83 Polished/Ultra Fine Matte (0.002" - 0.007")
FR700 Velvet/Fine Matte (0.010", 0.017", 0.030")

Lexan Polycarbonate Sheet
Virtually unbreakable Lexan sheet products provide an unmatched combination of visual appeal, durability and excellent light transmission. 9034 Sheet : General purpose Overhead and Vertical Glazing MR10 Sheet : UV-and Abrasion-Resistant Vertical Glazing XL10 Sheet : UV-Resistant Sloped and Overhead Glazing Lexgard Laminates : Bullet-Resistant and Forced-Entry Security Glazing.

 Pokalon Cast Polycarbonate Films
Pokalon is manufactured by a solvent casting process from plasticizer-free polycarbonate. Depending to the kind of casting belt - polished or sandblasted - the film will have a glossy or matt surface.
Thin gauge available. From 14mic. to 200mic.
Applications :
Planning and montage film in graphic arts (Repro techniques) LCD retardation filters Cover sheet for optical data storage disks Caps, diaphragms for loudspeakers and telephone receivers Insulation of coils, cables and wires

N Grade : Isotropic solvent cast film, yellow
G Grade : Longitudinally stretched solvent cast film, yellow
SN Grade : Flame retardant, isotropic solvent cast film, red
SG Grade : Flame retardant, longitudinally stretched solvent cast film, red
F Grade : Flame retardant, antistatic cast film with good dimensional stability for studio lights.

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