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 Mylar, Melinex, Tetoron, etc. (Super Clear, Clear, Hazy, Matte, Colored, etc.)
 Cronar (Pretreated for photographic application such as image setting, X-ray, etc.)
 FR PET (Flame retardant polyester film, black color)
 Metalized PET (Cu/PET, Al/PET, ITO/PET, etc.)

Mylar polyester film retains good physical properties over a wide temperature range (-73C to 149C). It also is used at temperature from -250C to 200C when the physical requirements are not demanding.

Type Properties Application Thickness
Type A Tough, general-purpose film. Balanced tensile properties, excellent moisture and chemical resistance. Immune to temperature extremes (-73C to 149C). Easy to handle and adhere to. Labels (plain, metallized), office supplies (book jackets, tabs, carbon ribbons), apparel stays, drumheads, control tapes, dust liners, protective coverings, laminates, roll leaf. 12mic. to 500mic.
Type D Clear, brilliant film surface treated on one or both sides for superiorslip and handling qualities. Tough and stable for long service life. Solar reflectors, labels, office supplies, decorative laminations, graphic arts. 23mic. to 250mic.
Type MO/MO21 Excellent dielectric strength, thermal stability and cut-through resistance. Low shrinkage. Good moisture resistance and product uniformity. Used in insulation systems that have been given Class B rating by UL. Excellent processing on automatic slot and wedge inserting equipment. Improved delamination resistance in 190mic. to 350mic. films. Extremely stiff, mechanically strong thickness available. Electrical insulation in slot liners and wedges and phase insulation for hermetic motors/compressor sealed unit, fractional horse power motors, diaphragms and industrial lamination. 125mic. to 500mic.
Type AHS1/HS Good tensile strength. Excellent chemical and moisture resistance. High-temperature durability and high shrinkage. Electric insulation 16mic. to 38mic.
Type EL/EL21 Chemical inertness, high-temperature durability, good dielectrics and handling characteristics for coating, die cutting, embossing and lamination operations. Serves as a barrier for membrane touch switches and flexible circuits. Electrical insulation, transformers, laminates, bus bars, punched parts. 12mic. to 350mic.
Type J100 Clear, superior quality with water-white color, high clarity and gloss. Pretreated on one or both sides for enhanced adhesion of solvent and water-based coating systems. Microforms, labels, drafting film and a variety of industrial applications where adhesion to solvent and water based coating is required. 36mic. to 125mic.

Melinex polyester films are known around the world and used in hundreds of industrial, packaging, imaging, printing, technical and consumer products.With more than 930 basic grade types covering over 90 market segments and over 140 specific end uses.Melinex polyester films use variety of In-Line pretreatment technology to differentiate the surface of PET films.Adhesion Promoting Pretreatment, Antistatic, Slip, Release.Co-Extrusion for heat seal application.Also, Melinex films are able to provide various high value added product for customer's requirements by using off-line coaters.

Type Properties Thickness
S Type Melinex S is a general purpose film which combines excellent handling characteristics with a slightly hazy appearance. UL rated. 12mic. to 250mic.
MX542 Two side pretreated type S, enables numerous solvent and UV inks and lacquers to be coated with excellent adhesion. 36mic. to 188mic.
MX850 A one side heat sealable film. It can be sealed to itself, PVdC, PVC, paper, aluminium foil and PET especially for thermoformed tray lidding. 15mic. to 30mic.
MX238 A white film both surface of which are semi-matt designed for use as an insulation material in hermetic motors where oligomer extraction needs to be limited. UL rated. 75mic. to 350mic.
MX534 A white film with two sides treated for ink jet coating. 75mic. 175mic.
MX535 A clear film with two sides treated for ink jet coating. 75mic. to 175mic.
MX705 Superclear film with new Multi Application pretreatement on both surfaces. Allows numerous solvent inks and lacquers, aqueous, alcoholic systems to coated with excellent adhesion and has antistatic properties. 75mic. to 175mic.
MX454 Clear highly transparent films with excellent handling properties, pretreated both sides to promote adhesion to most printing inks and industrial coating. 23mic. to 175mic.
MX339 An exceptionally white, opaque film with a stain finish, pretreated on both side to promote adhesion to most printing inks and industrial coatings. 50mic. to 250mic.
CORE1 An opaque white polyester film. One side embossed heat sealable surface and one side chemically pretreated for improve work ink adhesion. 320mic.
CORE2 An opaque white polyester film. Two sides embossed heat sealable surface. 125, 254, 320mic.
CORE3 A clear polyester film. Two sides heat sealable surface. 102, 152, 254mic.
ST504 Melinex ST504 is a specialized high-quality film that has bee developed for applications requiring sputtering for example touch screens and electroluminescent (EL) lamps. It is a pretreatment film on one side to promoting adhesion to solvent-based inks and lacquers such as hard coats. It has also been heat stabilized to give excellent dimensional stability at temperature up to 150C. 125, 175mic.

Tetoron film has earned a world-wide reputation as the key material which is being used for wide range of industrial fields. In addition to well-balanced chemical and physical properties of PET film, it has taken an excellent position in the PET film industry because of its superior quality nifomity and consistency.

Type Properties Application Thickness
O Type Ultra super-transparent with the highly polished mirror surface with the high light transmission. Name plate, release liner, photofilm for printing, ITO, display, optical use, photography. 50mic. to 188mic.
F Type Extremely thin film with improved processability. Capacitor, thermal ribbon. 3.5, 5, 6, 6.4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14, 16mic.
SL/HSL Type Improved dimensional stability during processing and use at high-temperature (lower heat shrinking, less wrinkling). HSL is a super-transparent type. FPC, membrane switch, basic substrate for several types of coating. 38mic. to 188mic.
HB Type Weather curable film which include UV ray absorbing agent, and which is colorless and highly transparent. Green house, solar control, label, anti-explosion film. 25mic. to 240mic.
U4 Type Milky, opaque film with superior light diffusion property. Release liner, transfer foil, sticker, display. 25mic. to 250mic.
SLA/HLA Type Much more improved dimensional stability type under high temperatures than SL and HSL. FPC, membrane switch, coating substrate, photofilm for printing. 50mic. to 250mic.
TS/PS Type Polyester film of which one or both sides has been sandblasted. Tracing, namer, leader tape, release liner. 12mic. to 250mic.

Cronar is characterized by exceptional flatness, clarity, thickness and dimensional stability. All are subcoated for adhesion and several feature proprietary coatings for improved winding, handling and static protection. Adhesion on both sides makes these Cronar products ideally suited for coating with silver halide emulsions. Finished products using Cronar include X-ray and graphic arts films, printing plates, proofing materials, printed circuits and instant photography films.

Type Properties Thickness
Cronar 412 This film offers superior after-processing static protection. The special beaded surface enhances tracking and web-handling characteristics.Resin/special besded gelatin on face side. Resin/beaded, antistatic layer on the back. 4 mil (100mic.)
Cronar 442 The cornerstone of the DuPont Cronar product family, this film has served the graphic arts industry for more than 40 years.Resin/gelatin subcoat on both sides. 4 mil (100mic.)
Cronar 786 Adhesion on both sides makes this film ideal for coating with silver halide emulsions. Consistent color and exceptional clarity ensure superior resolution for imaging and radiological applications. The special beaded surface improves web handling and tracking.Transparent and blue in color.Resin/special beaded gelatin on both sides. 7 mil (175mic.)

 FR PET (Black, White & Milky White color)
This flame retardant polyester film has excellent flame resistance and UL Standards 94-VTM-0 rated.This special film, can be cut, bent, punched, and coated or laminated as easily as ordinary polyester films.Almost similar heat resistance, physical properties, electrical haracteristics, and chemical resistance to ordinary polyester films.Thickness : 40mic. to 500mic.

 Metalized PET
Polyester film laminated to a conductive foil, such as copper or aluminium, allows creatively designed shields to be placed in close proximity to the emitting source, without fear of internal arcing.This film, in conjunction with our fabrication partners, provide a low cost, lightweight solution to both primary and secondary shielding problems.Typical applications are FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit), Electro-magnatic shielding, static electricity shielding, such as ground planes, gaskets, box-designs, trays or spacers.

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